Belle Skin Bleach

Belle Skin Bleach

The whiter the skin, the more beautiful you are perceived. That is the common view of people nowadays. There are a lot of bleaching creams out in the market to help you achieve lighter skin but this can be very expensive or dangerous.

This is our concerns as well that is why we created a safe and effective cream. Plus, it is more affordable than any other commercial bleaching cream. This is the Belle’ skin bleach, the bleaching cream from Belle Peau Parfaite’s collection. The ingredients in this cream are combined to reduce the skin discoloration which will lead to a fairer and even skin tone. It will bring out a more luminous look and confidence from within.

✔uneven skintone
✔dark underarms
✔elbows & knees
✔dark bikini lines
✔insect bites
✔dark spots

13445824_1772346193001296_3830297311744782815_n (1)

“For a confidently beautiful white skin”
Weight: 250 grams (content only)

180 = retail
5+1 = 800 (save 280)

▶Reseller’s package
10+2 = 1400 (save 760)

▶Sub distributor’s package
30+6 = 3600 (save 2880)

▶Distributor package
50+10 = 5000 (save 5800)


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